Our Values

No Pesticides

Not now. Not ever! Hemp grows without the need for pesticides and replaces nutrients to the soil.

Reduce C02

Hemp helps to replace the CO2 in our environment. It feels great to give some back, right?


Our pride comes from our knowledge that all our products are non-toxic! It's our commitment to you.

Vibrant Industry

The hemp industry promises us with improvements to our economy while also being good for the environment.

Our Story


A Pennsylvania based company dedicated to the production of high-quality, environmentally-friendly hemp products. Located in Oley, PA - yep, there really is an Oley, PA.


Maintains farming operations in multiple states across the country where they grow their own hemp, process through their own fully compliant processing centers, and sell high-quality hemp products under their own name and third-party resellers. It is through this unique process that we leave no waste.


Each portion of the plant is carefully harvested in one of our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly processing plants where we continue to develop cutting edge industry trends and product consistency that surpass all standards

Meet the Farmer

Jeffrey Brooks

Jeffrey Brooks founded Oley Hemp in 2018. He has over three decades of experience leading successful business ventures across a variety of industries and managing corporate growth. Brooks is a highly motivated entrepreneur with vast experience in early-stage, strategic planning, and execution.