OH! Kitty Litter

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  • 100% organic and biodegradable hemp grown in the USA
  • 7x more absorbent than clay litter with superior clumping action
  • Odor absorbing and safe for pets, the family and the planet
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OleyHemp is on a mission to save the planet by practicing sustainable and organic farming practices as well as providing non-toxic products for your family, pets and home.

OH! Kitty Litter is an Environmentally-Friendly, All-Natural Alternative to Clay-Based Cat Litter.

Made from 100% renewable, eco-friendly USA hemp fiber, OH! Kitty Litter is 7x more absorbent than other litter products on the market today. Clumping action and flushable, OH! Kitty Litter is lightweight (4lb bag = 21lbs of traditional cat litter) and features superior odor control with a naturally fresh and clean scent.

What are the ingredients in OH! Kitty Litter?

The one and only ingredient in OH! Kitty Litter is 100% USA grown industrial hemp, no added chemicals or ingredients that could potentially harm you are your cat.

How do I dispose of the used litter?

OH! Kitty Litter is 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of by spreading in your yard or throwing in the trash. Either way you can rest easy knowing you are helping save the planet with biodegradable litter.

Is OH! Kitty Litter safe for my cat and myself?

Yes, OH! Kitty Litter has no added chemicals or ingredients that could potentially harm you or your cat.

Is OH! Kitty Litter environmentally friendly?

Yes, OH! Kitty Litter is 100% natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

How long does one bag of OH! Kitty Litter last?

One 4lb bag of OH! Kitty Litter will last one month in a single cat home.

Does it clump?

Yes. OH! Kitty Litter’s clumping action makes clean up a breeze and doesn’t get caught in your cat’s paws.


Our cats loved it!

OMG!! I love this litter for so many reasons. I started by putting OH! Kitty Litter in one litter box and my two cats started using the hemp litter the first day. No odor after cats started using and I the the hemp texture.

Teri M.